At Heap Mason Media we pride ourselves on our ability to discover and develop strong stories. Whether it is a feature film, long-running television drama, video game or interactive online content, we know what makes a globally successful brand across the trans-media world.

That is why we get involved in projects at the earliest possible stage, playing a vital role in the genesis of an idea by developing projects alongside – not above – key creative talent.

We are very selective in the projects we choose to develop, as this allows our team to work with others in a personal and nurturing capacity. This philosophy begins with the writing of the script, continues while key directing and acting talent is attached, and sets up the perfect pre-production conditions, right through to the last day of principal photography and beyond.

We develop our IP from initial concept to final product, packaging each project for funding and distribution before presenting it to the market.

We are seeking unique and genre-defining stories that speak out to UK, USA and international audiences like never before. Along the way we will be able to spot emerging British talent and give them a platform, whilst remaining equally committed to working with the very best in the industry.

If you would like to get in contact with us regarding a potential project, please see our submissions policy on the Contact page.